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Hey there! If you’re looking for ghostwriting, you’re in the right place!

Before we get going, let me tell you a bit about myself so you can see if we’re a good match.

What Is My Background?

  • Best-selling author on Amazon, Apple iBooks and Barnes & Noble Nook under several pen names
  • 6-figure earner in the self-publishing industry
  • B.A. in Journalism/Communications
  • Private coaching programs for “wanna-be” authors
  • Extensive writing experience as a newspaper and magazine writer
  • Television experience as an on-air reporter and anchor
  • Worked at CNN World Report in production
  • Worked as a legislative on-air reporter for “Lawmakers” on GA Public Television
  • Research background
  • Ezinearticles expert author
  • 15+ years in the real estate field including as a Realtor, Broker and real estate trainer of over 2,500 agents
  • Social media marketing expert
  • 100% unique, custom copy
  • Entertaining, yet informative, writing styles
  • Prompt communication
  • Trained to write in a way that uses content to your advantage
  • Personalized service
  • Reliable

What Ghostwriting Services Do I Offer?

In short, I will write what YOU need. I am known for writing quality ebooks, reports, email autoresponder content, blog content, website content, sales pages and other content needed by my customers.

Ebook Writing Specialist: I have written on just about every topic under the sun including business, being an entrepreneur, weight loss and Internet marketing. The goal behind my writing when it comes to ebooks is to make the customer feel amazed at the value of the material they received for their money. I want them to highlight everything and feel that they got a lot of “bang” for their buck!

Website/Blog Content: If you are looking for ramp up the traffic for your website without using rehashed, boring content, then you might want to order some writing from me. I do my best to use SEO as well as well-researched, informative content to drive traffic to your site in droves. Once they get there, we want them to take action, right? This is what my content is geared to do.

Copwriting/Sales Pages: Need some content that makes people want to run to get their credit card immediately? This is how I write my sales copy using proven methods to motivate buyers to hand over their cash for your quality information. By tapping into the mind of your end prospect, I can create a word picture that will have them racing for their wallets.

: Not good at proofreading and editing content? I can do that in a flash for you! I am well known for being a stickler for spelling (and grammar). I drive my friends and family crazy when I pull out my trusty red pen and start correcting errors. I can’t help it; it’s just who I am. :) If you want someone to take a virtual red pen to your website, ebook or other content, I am your gal.

Ghostwriting: Simple- I write your content, you get the credit. Do you want to be a bestselling author, but you hate to write? Have a great story to tell, but no idea how to write it? I love to let my creative juices flow by telling good stories or providing new knowledge.

Articles: I have extensive experience writing articles with thousands of my content pieces online right now. My customers love my articles because they are authoritative, yet entertaining, and always factual. I get one compliment regularly – “I never have to edit your articles. I can always use them just as they are!”